I'm excited. Today when we get home there will be a gift waiting at our door. A box of vegetables. YAY! Okay, maybe "excited" is too strong a word. Still, I'm feeling some anticipation.

We ordered home delivery of our fruits and vegetables this, week from a company called Ottawa Organics and Natural Foods. They offer a whole array of other organic product aside from these produce baskets, but this is our first order and we're just testing it out. So we're just getting the box – a selection of organic produce that's supposed to last two people about a week.

Delivery is right to your door, which is kind of old fashioned. It hearkens back to the days of food delivery we used to have when I was a child – services like the milk man and the egg man. My sister wrote a post about that a few months ago, if you're curious.

Eventually we'd like to subscribe to this sort of food delivery service over the long-term – but we'd like to find one that concentrates more on local food – whether or not it's organic. Organic food is great for health reasons, but we're more interested in doing this for the health of the planet. And while organic lowers greenhouse gas emissions by limiting the use of petrol-based fertilizers, local produce does it more effectively, reducing the larger problem of carbon emissions from transportation. Ideally we would get local organic produce, but for now, this is a first step.

The cool part is that we don't really know what we're gonna get – not specifically anyway. So it'll be a surprise, like a gift we've given to ourselves. Oh sure, we could find out what's in this week's basket – and we can even set limits and tell them the items we never want to receive – but that's half the fun. The other half is, of course, trying to figure out what the hell we're gonna cook with Kohlrabi and Swiss Chard.

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  1. Rinagirl says:

    I'll take the swiss chard. Love it!!!

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