Yesterday was a letdown.

First of all, our gift of vegetables never arrived. Evidently our order didn't get added to the delivery list. The delivery company will rectify their error today and send the vegetable basket around noon.

Second, we were supposed to go see Up in 3D last night. It was all planned. It would have been our first exposure to the 3D movie technology. But I misread the showtimes and so we missed the start and had to abort the mission.

What a horrible, miserable life we lead. Woe is us. Woe, I say. Oh well. At least it's Friday and we get to have sushi tonight.

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  1. AND you get to see your nephews tomorrow! And your dear sister too (and Brother in law as well)

  2. margotinto says:

    I hate days like that. I usually fill the emotional gap with food.

  3. Awesome! Johnny's comin'!(and I suppose it will be nice to see the rest of you yahoos!)

  4. I do too, but my vegetables didn't arrive. I had no food to fill the gap with…. wait a second. Argh. Now you just made me realize that I missed an opportunity for chips. Now I'm depressed. I need a poutine.

  5. margotinto says:

    Hold tight, sunshine, and drown your sorrows in Dragon Rolls. And have some for me, since I can't have raw fish until after I pop this baby out.

  6. margotinto says:

    And speaking of disappointments, I wish I could be in Ottawa this wkd, to meet Cheryl and her guys in person!!! Maybe even Nana…..

  7. That would be awesome. You have 2 weeks to get here before they leave again. See what you can do. I'm sure she'd love to meet you.

  8. yes yes! please see if you can come! I'd LOVE to meet you in person tinto and have a drink or 4!

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