Junkii's education continues. He's been doing part-time coursework around mental health studies for a few years now, and every few weeks he has an assignment due. And so, every few weeks, I'm tasked with proofreading those assignments.

I don't mind at all – I do a lot of revision at work and I'm pretty good at simplifying language – but I wish I could get the course credit too. I've learned a lot about mental health, but what good does it do me? It's great that Junkii is about to finish his course and he'll be able to go for his accreditation, but what do I get? I don't get to put this on my resumé, or demand a higher wage from all this book-learnin'.

I guess I should take comfort in the knowledge that I'm helping him, and that I'm learning more about mental health and how to help the 'crazies' that he works with. But I think instead, I'll celebrate the fact that he should be making better money soon with his improved skill set, and I should be living the life of the kept man I was born to be!

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  1. a kept man huh….how about celebrating the fact that you guys have yet 1 more thing to talk about – and you can relate to his education and thus work……as long as you have communication, you guys will be great….so its great that you do this- even if you arent getting course credit.

  2. Junkii corrected me last night, clarifying that the coursework was actually about addictions and not mental health. Oops. Evidently I wasn't reading all that closely anyway.So yeah, let's just go for what you said, Cher.

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