Two cottages in one summer. We're shameless.


This time, it was the annual Muskoka visit. It was a shorter stay this year, since we're saving our vacation days. We didn't take extra time off work this year. But it was a long weekend all the same and we got to spend quality time with 7 of our closest friends. We had a blast. And more importantly, we had nice weather.

In this worst-of-all-summers, to have actually had three sunny days in a row was more than we could have hoped for. But through sheer force of will (thanks Greg and Krista, for clearing those clouds with your minds) the only rain came overnight on Saturday. Otherwise, the weather was perfect for swimming all day – provided you had a little body fat, of course. We even got to do a little night skinny dipping. What could be better?

The only trouble we had was on the drive back home. We hit serious traffic when we got to Renfrew. The 417 was backed up and pretty much at a standstill. Thankfully we had a GPS and we found a country road that led us through Arnprior, allowing us to sidestep gridlock. We lost about 30 minutes, but judging by the delay on the 417, it probably would have been a lot worse if we had stayed put. Oh well. All's well that ends well.

Big thanks to Steve for sharing this little piece of paradise. It's a highlight for both Junkii and I every year. For those who haven't been to the cottage, here's a little video from the top of the boat house to show off the surroundings

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  1. This looks so fun! Im glad you had great weather

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