Some a$$hole stole my handlebar extensions while my bike was parked outside today. Bastard. Go buy your own stuff, f@ckface!

I'm not happy. I know they're only like $30, but it's the principle.

And I no longer care that our building manager prohibits bikes inside the building. When they pay me for lost parts, I'll start leaving my bike outside again.

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  1. That sucks…..I put alot of trust in people,but then they go and do shit like this. This just makes me angry. Im sorry you lost your extensions…..unreal.

  2. I''ve made up my mind to bring my bike inside from now on. If the building manager is indoors and says I'm not allowed I'll tell him I forgot my lock – or just say "when you get a secure lock up, I'll be happy to leave my bike outside the building… til then, suck it."Either that or I'll take it outside and wait for him to leave.

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