We've been looking for a way to exercise on weekends that doesn't seem quite as onerous as going to the gym. Gym classes are fun and all, but it seems a shame to be stuck indoors on nice summer weekends. Especially this year when nice days are so rare.

We enjoy biking, but cycling in single file isn't a particularly social activity – it's hard to talk to your fellow cyclists. And We've tried running, but it gets a bit too warm in the daytime to do that comfortably.

Then Junkii hit on the idea of hiking. Granted, it's not quite as intensive a cardio workout as some other activities, but it's beautiful, it's social, it's quiet, and we have a massive place to do it, just across the Ottawa River. So I picked up a detailed trail map at the National capital info centre – a map that cost $5 by the way! Stupid government – and we plotted our route for a Saturday trek into the wilds of Gatineau park.

We chose our trail wisely. The first half of the trek had some good ups and downs, and the second half (when we were getting tired) was mostly downhill. The whole hike took only about 1.5 hours. Not too bad for a first attempt. Now we've got a better sense how to read the map and how long the various trails will take to hike. Hopefully we can make this a regular weekend activity. We've already got several people that want to join us. My Mom and step dad want to join us from time to time, our friends Steve and Krista are up for it, and my colleague Awegechew would like to come along to change up his exercise routine. So we can socialize and exercise at the same time!

And the best part is, if we pick up some snow shoes, we should be able to continue this activity right into the winter!


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  1. margotinto says:

    Looks like you guys had a nice day. I love hiking. Have you considered trail running? You get to be out in the woods, where it is usually cooler than the sidewalk, and no streets to cross. Plus it is more physically challenging than street running, so a better workout. The 5 Peaks Series offers some races you could take part, in if you wanted to set some goals for this fall or next summer. I'm sure Dr. T would totally be into that as well 🙂

  2. Junkii was saying he wants to try trail running, but it seems dangerous to me. There's so much to trip over!

  3. margotinto says:

    True, but then you build mental agility too! Just don't wear your iPod.

  4. Meei says:

    ummm bring kids? esp those younger than 5. it will give you both a good cardio AND build mental agility.

  5. Don't give Margot any ideas, Meei. Next thing she'll be bringing her tyke for Junkii and I to babysit for extended periods.

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