After the bike theft incident earlier this week, I was a bit scared to bring my bike to work. I was happy to bring it into the office, but I knew if I did that I'd be taking flack from the property manager and at least one of the office directors. And for all my brave words, I wouldn't be able to fight them for long.

Then I got a brainwave. I knew the building managers were banning bikes for a reason: they could damage the elevators and they could leave tire marks on the carpets. So I had to find a place inside the building where there would be no risk of causing that damage. Of course! The sub-basement!

Our office has a few storage cages in the building's sub-basement. I've been down there many times. It's quiet, safe, and dry. And there's no carpet and no need to use the elevator to bring the bike down – just a simple flight of stairs near the ground floor entrance. The only problem is the sub basement is locked, as is the storage cage.

So today at lunch I grabbed the keys from our office manager – who thinks this is a great idea – and  made myself a copy. Works like a charm. I hauled my bike downstairs and there it sits out of the clutches of evil-doers.

Take that, handlebar-extension thief!

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  1. …And if the building superintendent catches me and says "no bikes" – all I have to do is say I'm putting it in storage.I can't lose!

  2. YEA!!! Glad you found a solution…..

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