I have two doctor's appointments today. This morning I had my teeth cleaned… and I was dreading the appointment.

Usually, I'm not too concerned about a cleaning. I floss and brush regularly and, aside from some gum recession, my teeth have always been healthy. I've had the same hygienist for years – she actually knew my cousin Gavin before he died! But she seems to have left my dentist's practice and the past few cleanings have been done by different hygienists, with varying results.

But the last hygienist may have put me off cleaning altogether. She decided that, after the standard scaling, she would use a scaling tool that shoots a high-pressure, very fine stream of water out the tip. It was torture – especially in places where my gums are receding. I could have punched her.

So it was with trepidation that I went back today. Thankfully, I had another hygienist today, who didn't use the torture-scaler. But unfortunately, I found out she was just subbing for the torturer. So next time I go back I might have to go through the pain again.

Oh the stress.


Later today I go see my optometrist. No worries there – he has never done anything that hurt me.

This is my two year follow-up after laser surgery. Things seem to be going well. My vision is as good as it's ever been. I really have no worries going into this check-up. Although that wasn't the case about three weeks ago. I had a little scare when we were at the cottage with my sister and her kids. There was a moment there when I thought I might be facing a detached retina!

My doctor has told me that I am at risk for detachment because my vision was always so bad. He even went as far as to tell me the signs to watch for – black flames, blue sparks, etc. – and to avoid situations (i.e. contact sports) where I could get hit in the head. He didn't tell me to avoid getting a fish in the eye, but I guess that's just common sense.

At the cottage, each of the boys had a toy fishing pole – which were more fun than you'd think. Each pole had a weighted plastic fish at the end of the line, which the boys would cast out and reel back in ad nauseum. All was fine until I was out on the raft playing with one of the boys and turned just in time to get a plastic fish in the eye from the other boy, who was casting from shore.

The fish caught me below the eye and then flipped up to knock my eyeball (thankfully my lid was closed). The hit caused me some serious pain immediately and a little blurriness that went away after a few minutes. I watched closely for signs of detachment, but there were none. Still, my eye remained sore and sensitive to light for a week or two – although always less painful every day.

I guess I'll still tell the doctor about it so he can have a look and make sure there's no lasting damage, but I think it's healed. I just wish I had been wearing my sunglasses.

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  1. Jake is very sorry Uncle Ron……I know that hurt….In retribution, Ill slap his eye tonight with a fish- since we left the plastic fish at home, I guess Ill go buy a clown fish or two at the pet store.

  2. I didn't want to name names. 🙂

  3. margotinto says:

    Re: your teeth – dentist are private practices, and you don't have to accept bad service, like you may have to in the public health sector. You are their customer, and should be able to demand better service. Next time, call me, I'll pretend I am your secretary, and I'll request that the hygenist not cause you any pain. Because Mr. Cross is a busy man, and has no time for unnecessary pain.

  4. No no, the laser correction and the risk of detachment are completely separate. I would have been at risk of detachment either way. Here's how my doc explained it: Because my eyesight was so bad, my retinas were stretched very tight across the inside surface of my eyeball – to help me focus. The laser correction doesn't have any impact on that, it just changes the focus of the lens through which light enters the eye. So while laser correction doesn't improve my retinal situation, it also doesn't make it worse.Now maybe I got some of that wrong, but I do know for sure that the two are unrelated. I asked very specifically.

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