What's Your Earworm?

One of the instructors at the gym played this song as she was setting up for the beginning of class. She played a remix that was really good and I'm glad I asked her what it was.

I'm not a big Lady Gaga fan – that disco-stick song is terrible. And this new song, Paparazzi, isn't really an exception. It's pretty lame in it's original radio edit. But there are two remixes that I really like. And that's what I have stuck in my head today – In particular the moto blanco remix – the one I heard at the gym:

And here's the James Camareta Mix, for good measure:

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  1. Im so over Lady Gaga….Im not sure why the hype….oh well…

  2. Blue was one of my favorite dance songs when it was released – but I quickly tired of it. I tried listening to it about a year ago and after getting through it one time for the sake of memory, I was done with it.

  3. margotinto says:

    I am not ashamed to say I love Lady Gaga. She's just so out there. ReRe loves her too, altho Getalife has made the mistake of playing her videos for him on Youtube – not appropriate.

  4. I love to hear how children interpret lyrics. My nephews' "Jingle Ladies" is still my favorite though.

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