We're now three days into the Weight Watchers program, and already we're finding it onerous to count points. But in fairness, while it's a bit of a hassle to plan out every meal, the portions are in fact adequate (if only just) and we don't seem utterly limited by the types of foods we can eat – we had shawarma on Wednesday, and we're having lamb sausage tonight.

So all in all, so far so good. And I for one want to encourage this diet.

You see, Junkii is the corrupter in this relationship – this is no secret. He'd be the first to cop to that charge. He's usually the one to cave in to our culinary cravings. He'll suggest chips, poutine, and KFC much more frequently than I will. But now he's got an extra check to prevent him from cheating – two extra checks, actually:

  1. He's got to get weighed every week at the WW meeting, which is a good motivation to work extra hard to lose weight.
  2. He's paying for the program (I'm just tagging along) and really he can't afford to just throw his hard-earned money away without actually benefiting from it.

So we're both pretty hopeful that this might work. We both need to drop about 15-25 pounds, and this is probably the first time that we're both on the same page about a good approach to do that.

Now we'll just have to see how long we can both hold out form indulging in our favorite comfort snacks.

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  1. Meei says:

    I repeat my suggestion to bring some kids to the trail/hike. then bring them home for sleepovers.1. free2. works3. make their parents hsppy so they loan you their kids more often which makes point #2 valid.4. does not include point/calorie counting; allows for plenty of junk food which the parents can help provide. muahahahahahaha

  2. Not a bad suggestion, but the hiking hasn't really worked out that well. Still something we want to do, but we only went the once. Hmm. that might be a good plan for exercise tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder!

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