We undoubtedly had one of our busiest summers to date. Apart from extended-stay visits from family in Texas and New Brunswick, we also took road trips ourselves, had an awesome wedding to take part in, and were invited to a whole slew of other social commitments that completely took over our weekends.

That's not a complaint – we like to be busy and social – but it made planning hell, and plus it meant saying 'no' to a lot of our friends and missing out on some of their events.

But Junkii and I both thought that, by the time we got to September, things would trail off a bit. We thought we'd be able to breathe a little and start taking it easier. And indeed the first week or two of September were like that. We even got to sleep in both Saturday and Sunday this past weekend! But now the weekends seem to be filling up quickly again.

Fall events are being planned. First of all, Wig Party 2009 is coming up on October 31st  (save the date). That means some serious event planning has to happen soon! We're also doing our annual cooking weekend with Mom and George, Junkii is going away to Niagara for a conference, We have a Sushi-making class scheduled, and there's an Oktoberfest happening nearby next weekend, that looks like a load of fun. Add to that a birthday celebration this weekend, and we're pretty much busy into November. (and mostly with food stuff, which doesn't bode well for our diet).

Friends! We love you, but it's a load of work staying connected with you all. Still, we wouldn't have it any other way!

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  1. margotinto says:

    Are you coming down for Nuit Blanche?

  2. Looks like Lex and Ger will be in NB for Nuit Blanche, and since you're not likely to join us, we've decided not to bother this year. We hope to come to TO for a visit before the end of November though.

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