We kicked the work week to the curb on Friday evening with a couple’s retreat to Le Nordik Spa. Junkii and I joined Steve and Krista for an evening of selfish pleasure at an all-but-empty spa.

It had been drizzling all day and the weather showed no signs of letting up, so I guess most people decided that the outdoor baths would be no fun in inclement weather. Wrong!

Yes, it was drizzly, but it wasn’t raining hard enough to annoy you once you were sitting in the hot tub. And everything else was indoors. So we had very little trouble finding seats around the fireplace or stretching out in the sauna. It was sweet. Rainy evenings are a great time to hit the spa.

And, to top it off, once we had relaxed, the four of us ducked into the local pub in Chelsea for a pint and a bit of supper. A Chambly Noire and a shredded duck sandwich were all it took to erase the remnants of what had been a busy and frustrating week at the office. And just what I needed to kick off the weekend!

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  1. JEALOUS!!!! This is when I wished I lived in Ottawa so I could have joined you guys….

  2. Is there anything similar in the Dallas area?Obviously there are spas, but what about a scandinavian spa? Maybe you should start one and get out of the high tech sector. :o)

  3. Johnny and I have already said that if we win the lotto (and I mean the BIG lotto) then we would do this…..but it would be over a million dollar investment to build a place like the Nordique…..I have that in my bank account of course but Im trying to to decide if I want to by a new ferarri enzo with it…..BAHAHA…it is my pipe dream Rockr

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