Sometimes I'm just not that bright.

Since getting rid of my car, life has really not changed very much. I use a car infrequently enough that I don't miss it at all. With one exception: days when I have to go see a doctor.

Even then, most of my doctors are near enough that I can walk to appointments. But yesterday I had to go see a doctor in the South end of Ottawa. Thankfully, Junkii was able to drop me off, but I had to find my own way back downtown afterward, which meant public transit.

I had my route all planned out and got a transfer ticket as I boarded the #98 near my doctor's office. And off we went towards my office along the Transitway – the buses only corridor that runs through the city. All was going smoothly until we hit Lees Station – about 5 stops from my destination.

We pulled over to let some passengers on when the bus following us decided to pass us. But he was too close and clipped our bus on the way by! No serious damage, but the two drivers both had to deal with it, so they opened their doors and everyone had to disembark.

Okay, here's the brain fart: here I am on the transitway, with about 15 bus routes that will take me the rest of the way, and my brain tells me (I can only assume because I'm frustrated with the dumbass driver who hit our bus and not thinking straight) that I have to wait for the next 98!

Which isn't true at all. I have a valid transfer. But I start to walk the rest of the way. It's not until about halfway to the next station that the truth hits me. So I re-route to the closest bus stop and grab the next bus. Still, I could have saved myself 15 minutes of walking.

Oh well. Live and learn. It's good practice for using the transit system. I'm sure I'll need to rely on it a little more often now that we're down to one car.

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  1. margotinto says:

    I've so been there. Last Christmas, when we flew into Vancouver, and were told as we got off the plane that our flight to Victoria was cancelled, and that we should get on a bus and go to the ferry, I stormed off to the Air Canada desk to tell them that we needed to be on the next flight. Along with the 1000 other people. Long story short, we ended up on a bus to the ferry, etc., etc. If I had just let go of my frustration and indignation, I could likely have saved us a few hours of waiting. Lessons for the future.

  2. My incident was victimless, at least. Hope you didn't hold up rest of the passengers! >:-)

  3. margotinto says:

    I only held up Getalife and ReRe. Getalife was actually the one who convinced me to take the bus to the ferry. And the manager of the rental car company who got a "Christmas bonus" from us for staying late at work and driving out to the ferry through a couple feet of snow to pick us up definitely benefitted.

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