Weight Watchers works! Those of you who follow Junkii's weekly updates on Facebook already know he's lost 13 lbs in 5 weeks of dieting. Well, I'm holding my own too. I'm down about 12 lbs as of this morning's weigh-in. It's hard to tell exactly because we don't have a digital scale, but that's a pretty close estimate.

My pants fit way better – in fact, they're starting to get a little too loose – and I can actually see my spare tire dwindling away. It's very encouraging.

And the best part is that we really don't suffer very much. True, we haven't yet found a way to indulge in poutine (no matter how many extra points we gain from working out) but we've managed to score a couple of (small) bags of chips  chips, we've had shawarma, and we've even found some great 1-point desserts. All in all it's been pretty painless (once you get used to the feeling of never being completely full).

On the other hand, I can't see doing this alone. Despite the encouraging results, I know damn well I wouldn't have lasted if Junkii wasn't there to help with counting points. So I recommend WW for everyone – but I think it is a great program if you have someone to support you along the way.

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  1. WAHOOO! Good for you! I proud of you…12 lbs is nothing to sneeze at….so keep going!

  2. Thanks! Yeah, it's very motivating. I'd like to lose another 10 or so, but I'll be happy if I can drop another 5.

  3. margotinto says:

    Well, I was going to ask! But I didn't want to pry 😉 Congrats, it must feel so great!

  4. It does indeed. We've both struggled with weight issues for a while, so it's nice to know there is a diet out there that works for us.

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