Nan's back in the hospital today. She's been in and out three times in the past two weeks for pain in her legs. Initially they diagnosed her with cellulitis. But once they got that cleared up they decided she had a Bakers Cyst. That was about two days ago.

Today she couldn't get out of bed because of the pain in her legs. So off she went by ambulance to the hospital again, and Mom and my uncle are both there with her now.

I don't have much info yet – Mom couldn't talk on her cell – but I know they're hoping to get her back into a stay at the Bruyere Hospital until she can heal (like she did earlier this summer when she had a serious bladder infection).

I was just over to her place last night for a visit and to show her the slides from her 90th Birthday party. Even then, I knew she wasn't herself. She was very quiet and withdrawn. But I didn't think she would be back to the hospital again so soon.

I hope they get this cleared up. I know she's getting old and losing mobility, but her heart and her mind are good, and I think she's got a few years left in her.

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  1. ohhhh…thanks for letting me know…..I hate this- being so far away….I wish I was there to help….I hope she can rest at Bryere…..

  2. Thanks for the hugs, Muggs.

  3. I know it seems like a lot of trips to the hospital – and it is – but honestly, I don't think this is life-threatening. Still, I'm sure it's discouraging, both for Nana and for Mom.

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