Much as I want to bury my head in the sand and ignore the signs, they're all about me. The changing leaves are one of the more obvious signs – but you don't mind that so much cuz it's pretty.

There's nothing pretty about the draining of the Rideau Canal though. They did that last week, exposing the rotting canal walls, encouraging swarms of Canada geese and other water fowl to hang about eating what's left of the fish, revealing scads of garbage and debris that people have tossed into the canal over the summer months (I can only assume for shits and giggles), and leading to the rise of a foul odour all along my walk to work.

And what's more, the drained canal means the NCC has a chance to place the chalets (restaurants, skate rental places, etc) on the canal bed. These ever-present harbingers of the dreaded Winterlude are a reminder that the tourists will soon flood the downtown core, bridges will be closed for no good reason, and parking in the Glebe will become even more of a nightmare.

When's summer?

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