Saturday night we held our 4th Annual wig party – on Halloween night! This was the first time the party was actually on Halloween proper, and that had some interesting effects – some positive, some negative:

  • Positive: The commitment to full costumes was huge this year. This is supposed to be a wig party – which means you don't need anything more than the cheapest wig you can find at the dollar store – so it's always impressive when people go all out with their costumes. And this year, probably because it was Halloween, we had an inordinately high number of full costumes. The "Total ensemble" category was hotly contested.
  • On the downside: With loads of other Halloween parties going on, and trick-or-treaters at the door, many people had other places to be. We invited more people than ever before, but many weren't able to make it. Even some who had hoped to come dropped out at the last minute. Which sucks, but we had an awesome time with the people who did make it! They make all the cleaning and prep work worthwhile!

Thanks to everyone who showed up and to everyone who dressed up! You guys rock!

Oh, and just in case you're wondering, Rocker is wearing a wig called "urban vampire" – whatever that is.

Click the image above or this link for more photos!

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  1. It looks like alot of fun…..wish I could have been there

  2. It would have been a perfect fit – you could have dropped in after you got the boys to bed.

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