For the past two days I've felt like there's something in my right eye. But after long inspections in the mirror, I still couldn't find anything. But I knew that feeling.

Last time I had it, it was worse. It felt like I had a grain of sand in my eye. But it's the same feeling… just not quite as progressed. I had a corneal ulcer once before, and that's what I figure I have now. These things basically occur when you get a scratch on your eyeball and bacteria takes advantage of that weakness to set up house. So it gets progressively worse as the bacteria multiplies.

Of course I needed to be sure, so I called my optometrist today and, after a bus ride out to Orleans, the doc confirmed my diagnosis. On the plus side, he said it's not as bad as the one I had previously, and he booked me a Thursday morning appointment with a specialist who, he said, will likely prescribe an antibiotic/steroid that will get rid of it without too much hassle.

So no cause for alarm – just a bit of short-term discomfort, and hopefully I'll be right as rain in a few days.

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  1. please dont tell me it was Jake's fish in the eye that did this!

  2. Nope – I had that checked out a few months back on a routine checkup. Doc gave me the all clear. Besides, I think that was the other eye. Not sure what led to this.

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