I've become a big fan of Glee. I've always enjoyed the show, but it seems more and more to be coming into its own – or maybe I'm just getting used to the frenetic pace of it. Whatever the reason, I love it.

One of the songs they did has been stuck in my brain since the weekend: Kristen Chenowith's rendition of Maybe This Time, from Cabaret – a song I never used to like in the film, but that seems to have grown on me.

Check it out. Not sure how long this will be up on YouTube, so be quick about it.

Maybe this Time

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  1. Now your speaking my language! GLEE! It is the best show on TV…I just love it. I have downloaded nearly every song I can- Sweet Caroline, Alone, Somebody to Love, Its My life/confessions…..all the songs are just so damn good!!! I cant wait for tonight's episode….I am definitely a Gleek

  2. Gleek! Ha! Love it. Oh, the mash-up episode was so good. Love "It's my life/confessions". And I also love the faster version of Halo (although I've NEVER liked Walking on Sunshine!).

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