We're Home! After nearly 6 weeks in Asia, Junkii and I returned to Ottawa last night around midnight. It's good to be home, even if it seems a bit surreal after the chaos and bustle that comes with living out of a backpack in Southeast Asia for a month.

We kept a pretty active blog during our time in Asia (on Google's Blogspot platform, which just doesn't compare to vox!).

The blog was only open to a few select readers (mostly family) to avoid having a lot of people learn that our house was sitting in Ottawa empty and unprotected. So if you didn't get an invitation to read the blog, don't be offended. You weren't the only one.

But now that we're home, we've opened up the travel blog to the general public. So if you want to read about our travels or see photos from our trip, you can read the whole thing at junkii-junket.blogspot.com – or you can just scan through it for the bits that interest you.

And feel free to leave a comment. We'd love to hear from you.

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  1. margotinto says:

    Welcome back!! I sounded like you guys were having an amazing time. Even tho I didn't leave any comments, I followed your blog posts avidly, and loved how often you updated. Thanks for sharing such an amazing trip with us!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it! We hope to turn the blog into a memento book for ourselves. A keepsake. So doing the writing was worth it. Plus it makes it easy when people say "how was your trip." We can just point them to the blog and say "well, if you're really interested…"

  3. I am SOOOOO happy you are home! Love you guys

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