About a week before we came back to Canada, I got a head cold – a nasty piece of work that had me sneezing every 10 minutes or so and blowing my nose raw. Then as I was recovering from that, I got a cold sore on my lip. Now, just as the cold sore is scabbing over, I seem to have developed some sort of sinus/throat infection. (I spent 2 hours this morning at a walk in clinic just to get a penicillin prescription!)

Enough! I want to be healthy – for no other reason than I want to kiss my man. Is that too much to ask?

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  1. Lex says:

    Based on my experience the quick answer to your question is: Yes. Too much to ask.

  2. Yeah, but that's only because you know me and you're petty 🙂

  3. Lex says:

    All based on experience, I've been asking to be healthy for a year now. (For a second there I though you said I was "pretty" and I almost thanked you.)

  4. Of course you're pretty! The 'petty' remark was merely my feeble attempt at humour.

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