Okay, so I lost my iPod on the way home from Asia. Well, technically I just left it in the seat pocket in front of me on the first leg of our marathon journey home.


Thankfully, Junkii has an old iPod that he no longer uses now that he has an iPhone. So I can hold off buying a new one for now. And for the first two days of the week I had music for my walk to work.

Then today, more trouble. I plugged in and immediately there was no sound in my right earphone. Which is a bit weird. In my experience, earphones cut out gradually over time. When they first start to go, you can usually wiggle a wire and at least get a few rounds of staticky music. but not today. That right earphone was having none of it.

So off I went at lunch to find some earphones.

Now I like a very specific type of earphone – the type with the hooks that go over your ears so they don't fall out during strenuous activity like running. So my options are already pretty limited. But The Source (AKA Radio Shack) came through. They had about 4 options – Sony, Sennheizer, Panasonic, and some no-name brand. I opted for the Panasonic for no toher reason than they were on sale. I was a bit skeptical becasue I wasn't sure whether they would be as comfortable as the Sony ones I had been using. Turns out they're comfy AND they sound even better than the Sony ones! Better bass.

So for $20, I can't complain. And now I can walk home to the dulcet tones of the Savage Lovecast in beautiful stereo.

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  1. Thanks for the tip…I need new ones….My senheiser ones I LOVED- but the wires are spilting and they have been taped up too many times to count….and they are expensive….so I may check these out…..thanks!

  2. The Sennies at Radio Shack were only about $40, but that was $20 more than I needed to pay! You're lucky cuz you can prolly get a good deal at Frye's where you are.

  3. Lex says:

    Lately I've been getting all my headphones at Radio Shack (aka that new name no one ever remembers even though they rebranded forever ago). I've been pretty happy with all the $20 phones I get.

  4. The Source might have had some success in their name change if only they had rebranded the look of the store and the logo. As it is, it still LOOKS like a Radio Shack, so people still call it RS.

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