The world is topsy turvey. Rocker wants it to snow!

Okay, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Since we arrived home nearly two weeks ago (already?!) we haven’t had much in the way of snow. A few flurries, but nothing substantial. And it’s been quite mild – hovering between 0 and -5 or so. And that’s great. I love warm, dry winters. The less I need to bundle up, the better. And the less I need to trudge through snow, the better.

But I do want Ottawa to get a nice dump of snow. Just the one. Then it can go back to dry and mild. I know. I’m deranged. But there are valid reasons

Reason 1: Snowshoes
I want to use my new snowshoes. Inspired by our one outing in Gatineau Park last year, Junkii and I bought snowshoes before we left for Asia. Snowshoeing is such a great winter activity (in mild weather, anyway) but it’s only fun when there’s a good heavy layer of snow to tread on. I’m sure there’s snow in the Gatineau hills, but I fear that with the mild temperatures we’ve been having, a lot of the snow has melted and/or become icy. A fresh batch would be appreciated so we can do some weekend hiking.

Reason 2: Skiing
I’ve never tried downhill skiing. Frankly, the thought has always filled me with fear. Hurtling down a mountainside has never been my idea of fun. But I’m slowly coming around on this activity. I’m still nervous about it but, inspired by my sister and encouraged by Junkii, I’ve decided that I want to take a few lessons and give it a try. We have a ski hill nearby – Camp Fortune – but my friend at work (who goes every weekend) says conditions are a bit icy, and not the best. So a good winter storm is needed to spruce up the trails, and once that happens I’ll look into lessons.

So here’s your task, Winter: one good dump of snow in the next two weeks – 20 or 30 cm – and then you can call it quits for the year. Deal?

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  1. Im glad to see you want to try skiing… need to because eventually we are coming to Ottawa in the winter one year- and we would love to take the kids skiing with you guys….so you need to go practice. Taking lessons is a must though- it has helped me tremendously when I do it.

  2. Just don't ask me to try skating. I still have absolutely no interest in that.Especially after the disaster that was rollerblading.

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