So here we are on the coldest day of the year – minus 32 windchill – and we're running out of firewood. Not good. We only had enough left for about about 2 good fires.

The fireplace has turned out to be one of the best features of this house – not only because of the ambiance it adds, but because heating it with the electric baseboards is expensive, and a $140 load of firewood goes a long way towards trimming our electricity bill. But without firewood, the house can stay pretty chilly.

I didn't hold out much hope that a call to Duquette firewood would result in an immediate shipment. I fully expected not to receive anything for at least two weeks. Not sure why. It's just the sense I had.

But I got lucky. I only got the answering machine when I called Duquette this morning, but they called back quickly and said they could deliver today! What's more, they said today was their last delivery day for a couple of weeks. I didn't stop to ask why. I snapped at the chance and scheduled a delivery for the afternoon.

True to their word, they showed up right on time, and dumped a face cord of wood in front of our house. Some of the wood was a little smaller than our last shipment, and there seemed to be a lot more bark mixed in, but it all burns, so Junkii and I worked swiftly and got it all stacked in our garage. Woo hoo! Bring on the cold.

Er… wait a second. Scratch that. I take that back. I don't want the cold. The cold does nothing for me. Stay away, cold!

Anyway, it does mean we're ready for a wine and cheese we're hosting tonight. Junkii set this up with some of his co-workers to show them photos from our recent adventure. This is the first time we're showing our slideshow to anyone. There are a lot of slides, so it will be a bit of a litmus test – a chance to see if we need to cut some shots to keep it more manageable. Once we refine the slideshow, beware your next invitation to our place. You're gonna be in for a treat!

In the meantime, tonight we need to make sure our guests stay warm and drunk, so they don't walk out. We've got plenty of wine, lots of cheese, and now we've got firewood. We're set!

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