Junkii and I are being bad boys today. We're playing hooky from work this afternoon so we can finally go see Avatar.

It's been crazy trying to find a time to go see it, and any time we've actually found a time to try, it's been sold out! Even now, two months after initial release. And with 9 Oscar nods, it's not likely to get better anytime soon.

So we've decided the only time we might actually be able to get tickets is when everyone else is at work. And sure enough, the 3:15 screening had plenty of good seats left (They offer reserve seating for this theatre). So we reserved our tickets last night. Junkii is taking overtime leave, and I've got a "doctor's appointment" to get to. wink wink.

And why not? It's Junkii's birthday! What better way to celebrate than with Avatar on Imax in 3D?!

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