This year, I'm gonna make the effort to see as many Oscar nominees as I can before showtime. I'm setting myself a task and I mean to follow through.

I love the Oscars. It's the only awards show I ever watch. But last year was just a wreck. I didn't even watch the show last year because I honestly hadn't seen any of the nominees – actually, I still haven't seen many of them. It's like I have a blind spot for the 2009 Oscar Films. And really, what's the point in watching if you don't have anyone to root for?! So I just skipped it.

That's not an option this year.

Good news is, I have a head start this year. So far I've already seen half a dozen of the nominees. But that still leaves me with more than 15 films I need to see before showtime – plus the foreign language films if I can find them.

Many of the nominees are still in theatres here, and a few are out on DVD. Now I just need to make a schedule and stick with it. And yes, I will put The Blind Side on the list, much as it pains me to have to watch not only a sappy movie, but a sappy Sandra Bullock movie. <*makes sour face*>

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  1. Get your Mum to watch the Blind side for you and give you a synopsis….you may enjoy that better…..and she is dying to see it!

  2. Actually, I had a chance to see Blind Side with Invictus in a double bill tonight. SO I did that. Blind Side wasn't as bad as I had feared. It's certainly not gonna make anyone's top ten list, but I can see why Bullock was nominated. She was good in the dramatic sections.Invictus was far from good however. And Morgan Freeman, much as I love him, does not deserve the best actor nomination. His was a one-note performance and his accent was terrible.Okay – that's two more off the list!

  3. Dang….I really wanted to see Invictus…….thanks for the review…..Ill skip it

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