The other day I was talking to my colleague A___ about her upcoming travel plans. A___ recently moved back to Ottawa from NYC to take a job with my organization, and her fiancé is actually still living in their Manhattan apartment until early summer. Anyway, A___ mentioned that she and her fiancé are traveling to Miami for Easter, which got me thinking about what Junkii and I could do for Easter break. We both get a 4-day weekend, and it might be fun to take off somewhere.

When I mentioned it to A___ she said, “Well, our apartment in Manhattan will be free, why not go to NYC?” I was thrilled at the prospect, and started to make plans with Junkii, who was positively giddy! A free place to stay in NYC – what could be better?! Couple that with a $100 plane trip from Syracuse and we had the makings for a very fun 4 days.

Alas, the plans fell through. A___’s fiancé had already promised the apartment to his friend for the month of April. So we were out of luck. Drat! And we had our hopes all built up and everything.

So now we’re trying to figure out what to do – assuming we can even afford to go anywhere (our Asian adventure landed us in the poorhouse.) We’re toying with a few ideas, but nothing is set in stone yet.

  • We thought about driving down to New Brunswick to see Dad and Louise, but we did that at Easter last year and wound up in a hair-raising drive back home through one of the worst snow storms of the year. Not a good time to drive to NB.
  • We’re toying with the idea of flying to Texas to see my sister and her family. That’s a real possibility since it looks like it would only cost us about $500 to fly from Syracuse. Of course, it will depend on our budget and on whether the Texans will even be sticking around that weekend.
  • We looked at flying to London, but that was waaaaaaay too pricey for the flight, let alone the accommodation.
  • We’re still thinking of NYC as a possible destination, but we’d need to find a reasonably priced hotel – no easy task in Manhattan.
  • A beach holiday like the Dominican Republic would be nice, but with the travel time, it seems like we would only just arrive and then have to fly back. Two days on the beach is fine as part of a bigger holiday, but if that’s the whole point of the getaway, 2 days ain’t near enough.
  • We also thought about flying to San Francisco and/or Sacramento and doing a wine tour, but that would probably be better to do just before harvest time – later in the summer.
  • Of course, Mom and George will have just returned from Arizona at that point, so maybe we’ll not bother going anywhere – or maybe just take a shopping trip with them to Syracuse.

We’re still pretty undecided – but we have the better part of two months to figure it out, so no worries yet.

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  1. Oh and I forgot to say that if y'all want to come for Easter…..PLEASE DO! I dont think we have any plans for Easter…..crazy that the kids get Presidents day and MLK day off, but not Easter……..I guess its the religious aspect of things…..Of course, if I were you, the Dominican would be calling my name 🙂

  2. Awesome. We'll let you know as soon as we decide what we're doing.

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