Nothing like a free concert! My colleague D___ is a big fan of classical music – like me. And he usually subscribes to several concerts with the local orchestra before the season starts (around September). So he gets his tickets well in advance. He's also a member of several choirs and, it turns out, he got picked to sing in one of the orchestra's concerts this season – a concert he already had tickets to.

So rather than let the tickets got to waste, D___, being the generous soul he is, gave them to Junkii and me! So last night we trotted off to see Beethoven's Missa Solemnis – a 90-minute mass featuring a big classical orchestra, a huge choir, and four solo singers.

The piece hadn't been performed in Ottawa for about 23 years, and that's a shame. It's one of Beethoven's later pieces and it's full of fantastic music. I have owned a performance of it on CD for years, but I'm ashamed to say that, until earlier this week, I had never taken the time to listen to it. That was a mistake. After an initial listening on Monday and then last night's performance, the piece has definitely moved way up my list of favorites.

The performance was mostly strong, aside from a couple of flubs from the solo violinist and a bit of trouble that some orchestra members seemed to have following the conductor's cues. The choir and the soloists were wonderful and, knowing what I now know, I would have gladly paid to see it performed. But I didn't have to cuz we go FREE TICKETS!


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  1. Modesta36 says:

    Your colleague d ___ simply was a big fan? Nonsense…

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