Last night I crossed The Lovely Bones off my must-see-before-Oscar-night list. With just one nomination (Stanley Tucci for Supporting Actor) it wasn't high on my must-see list, but it was playing at the Rainbow for $2 so I figured why not? The answer: because it's just a big sappy mess.

The core of the story is about how the murder of a daughter tears a family apart – and that just isn't developed. The actors portraying the mother and father just kind of sleepwalk after the murder, offering nothing for the audience to hold on to. So when the family falls apart, I just didn't care. Everything else is just swelling music and teary eyes. A bunch of sap.

Okay, there is some beauty to the visual style of the scenes that take place in "Heaven" and the suspense sequences were well-handled, but if you've seen the trailer, you already know what's gonna take place. My advice is to skip this one and hope that Peter Jackson eventually figures out how to direct a film again soon.

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  1. margotinto says:

    Another excellent book ruined by a movie adaptation.

  2. Yeah, I heard it was a good book. I tried listening to the audio version, but it didn't grab me – although the rape/murder scene was pretty explicit as I recall. It was glossed over in the film.

  3. margotinto says:

    I bought this book in the airport in Bali, and I was bawling my face off before my plane even departed. Maybe I just needed an emotional catharsis at the end of a stressful business trip, but I remember this book doing the trick. Perhaps it preyed on my own childhood fears/anxieties? I don't usually recommend books that go for the easier emotional devices, and I think this one falls in that category, now that I think about it.

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