Between forgotten DVDs, missing adaptor cables, and a broken satellite dish, we were pretty much without television all weekend at the cottage, but no harm done. We spent the time learning a new and complex variation on our favorite board game – Settlers of Catan. The Cities and Knights expansion pack adds a whole lot more rules to an already rule-heavy game, and indeed it did take us a good hour just to read through the rulebook and get a grasp of gameplay.

But once we figured it out, it was kind of hard to stop playing. The game takes longer to play and each turn takes extra time because there’s so much more to consider. But it’s safe to say that the four of us who learned this variation all prefer it to the basic set-up. Once we bring the rest of our friends up to speed, this might just become our new standard.

Speaking of which, we’re also thinking it might be fun to take a page out of our Toronto friends’ playbook and start up a monthly nerd-night: a regularly scheduled evening of board games at some local pub where anyone who wants to join us can come for pints and play. We’ll keep you advised if this takes off.

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  1. Hey…..I found a website where you can play Catan online…..I've played and its pretty fun….you can play with robots or against real people….here is the website:

  2. Thanks for sharing. I'll definitely check it out at home.

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