As always, take not of your own earworm before reading further.

Okay, okay. I know it's not Wednesday, but I had such a strong earworm last night that it kept me from getting to sleep. Well, my insommnia might have had something to do with me having a two hour nap after dinner as well, but that doesn't take anything away from the power this earworm had over me last night.

It's a song from the musical NineMy Husband Makes Movies – sung in the film by Marion Cotillard. I absolutely love this song, so it's no trouble for me to have it stuck in my brain, but it would be better if it weren't keeping me up nights.

My Husband Makes Movies

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  1. margotinto says:


  2. Still?! I'm so over that song.

  3. margotinto says:

    Hey, no one chooses their worm….

  4. touché. Thanks for sharing, even if it is embarrassing.

  5. margotinto says:

    Hey, I'm not ashamed to say I FREAKING LOVE Lady Gaga. FREAKING LOVE.

  6. I credit (curse) you for introducing her to me. And I AM ashamed to say I love her too. 🙂

  7. Im right there with you with gaga….I hate that I like her- but I do….

  8. Does Tino play on that track?

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