Time to buy a new car. And while many people look on this activity as a great adventure, I just look on it with dread. I have very little interest in dealing with shady salespeople. Thankfully, Junkii is much keener – not so much for the dealing with salespeople bit, but at least for the test-drives. He's been following all the car-review shows and sorting out which makes/models look good. And he's been reading consumer's digest so he's got a sense on how to deal with the salespeople. So that's a start. Now we just need to find time to get around to the different dealerships.

And then we need to sell the Honda. And therein lies the trouble.

A 2002 Honda should be able to fetch a few thousand dollars. Jeez. I sold My 2001 Nissan for $4000 – the Honda has more mileage, but it's a Honda! It should be able to fetch at least $3K. Of course, that would require that it be in good working order, and it's not quite up to snuff.

A few months ago, one of the dashboard lights lit up – the SRS (air bag) light – and it has refused to go off ever since. Evidently, the sensor in the driver's side seatbelt buckle is malfunctioning. It doesn't sense that the seatbelt is in the buckle. Consequently, the airbag simply won't deploy in the event of an accident. Honda apparently knows about this – it's a common problem for this model of car – but that doesn't mean they're willing ot fix it for free. Oh no. It would cost $1500 or more. Just to replace a faulty sensor!

Isn't this a safety issue? Shouldn't Honda make sure their safety equipment is working? I'm not impressed. As it stands though, there's no recall, and the fix is pricey enough that we wouldn't get our money back through the sale. So we've decided not to bother. We'll just need to be up front with potential buyers and let them know the car basically has no functioning airbags. That will mean dropping the price a bit, but not so much that we'd be better off selling it as scrap!

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