I love Arby's. But for years we haven't had one in Ottawa. I've had to wait for infrequent visits to Syracuse just to get my Beef'N'Cheddar fix. Well all that's about to change. Junkii spotted an Arby's in Kanata while he was driving his clients around.

Last night, when I came home, he promised me a surprise for dinner. So off we went to Kanata. I have to say, I was pretty baffled by the drive. He didn't tell me where we were headed and we NEVER go to Kanata. He even made me close my eyes until he got parked. But it was all worth it. To open my eyes and see that lasso-hat logo. I was so happy.

And what's more. Junkii doesn't even really care that much for Arby's – but he knows how much I love it, and that kind of selflessness makes me love him all the more. What a sweet husband I have.

Thanks Junkii!


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