So it was nice to go to Arby’s on Friday evening for dinner, but that’s a guilty pleasure. As a foodie, I certainly don’t feel proud about my love for this chain restaurant slop (even if it is yummy delicious.) On Sunday, however, I was tasked with bringing lunch home after a visit to see Nana (who is doing splendidly, by the way). And I do feel proud to say that I found a new quick-lunch option for us. I brought home meat on bread, but the sandwich could not have been further from Arby's.

Maskali restaurant is a little East-African joint right on the edge of Vanier (23 Selkirk, corner of Montreal Rd. and River Rd.). It’s a non-descript little restaurant in a non-descript little strip mall; a mall that also houses one of our favorite Chinese grocery stores. So we had seen the restaurant before, but neither of us had set foot inside.

Not sure what it was that drew me there yesterday – maybe it was just that I didn’t feel like waiting in the inevitable lineup at Shawarma Palace – but whatever it was, I daresay it’s not gonna take long for us to get back there.

First of all – the smells! Oh my god. I opened the door to the restaurant and was just about floored by the spices. It smelled soooo good. I haven’t yet got a sense of how good a business this restaurant does, but if people would just walk through their doors, they would have no trouble selling their food. And the price is right. At $6.99 for a good-size sandwich, it definitely fits the Cheapeats price structure.

But I’m saving the best for last. The flavor of this food is to die for. Marinated spicy meats (chicken or beef) and onions fried up and rolled into a fresh piece of crispy homemade flatbread. Flavour and texture all in one bite! The beef sandwich was nice – if a little greasy – but the chicken was like heaven. So tender and so much flavor.

Can’t wait to head back for another dose. Or maybe we’ll pop in for dinner some evening. They also do platters.

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  1. The title should read "Three Very Different Sandwiches", because you omitted to name the Banh Mi (Vietnamese sub) we had on Saturday. That meal was good because we came across a really good Ché (Vietnamese dessert). ~junkii

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