Check out this scan from the weekly Zellers flyer. In it, you’ll find a wonderful, nutritious, calorie-conscious (not to mention delicious) meal – all for less than $10! Now THAT's a cheapeat!

Plus, if you do eat this way on a regular basis, you’re sure to look like the model in the photo!

Okay, seriously though – how many things are wrong with this? “Quick, convenient and always fresh…”?! Hmmm, a new definition of “fresh” for those frozen fish sticks, freeze-dried corn, and "fruit" drink.

Evidently people just don't understand how simple it really is to create the same meal with actual fresh ingredients and reduce the salt and calorie content a ton. How hard is it to bread some fish yourself and bake it in your oven? How hard is it to cut and steam some produce that's grown locally? I mean, even in frigid Canada you can get greenhouse produce. And to drink – well, Sunny-D would be hard to replicate, but would anyone want to? I'm sure you could find something tastier and healthier.

Shame on Zellers for pushing this kind of nutrition on people.

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