A few years back, for our anniversary, Junkii published a little soft-cover book with our photos from our big trip to Chicago-Malaysia-Thailand-Singapore. It turned out really well. So well, in fact, that we thought something similar would be a good way to store our favorite photos; an annual yearbook, so to speak, that we could use to remember what we did in a given year.

Well, the whole self-publishing business seems to have come a long way. Mac's iPhoto program – which he used that first time – has some really nice options for hardcover photo albums, but there's now a host of other companies that offer similar services.

It took a while, but we finally got the 2008 yearbook finished and it just arrived yesterday in a nice hardcover edition complete with dust jacket. Looks gorgeous. Next up is 2009, followed by heading back into the archives to put together our earlier years together. But before all that, we need to convert our recent Asia travel blog into a hard-cover format.

We're gonna try a different company this time – Blurb.com – and their software allows us simply to import directly from Blogger. But Junkii tried that and ran into two problems:

  1. The content was too long for the book (so we'll need to condense)
  2. The layouts weren't as nice as they could be.

So we scrapped the "import" option and we've elected to download Blurb's templates for Adobe InDesign instead. We're gonna do the layouts ourselves. Not a problem since I use InDesign on a regular basis at work, and Junkii is pretty quick to pick up software. Plus he's very creative and really stoked about making something more akin to a magazine spread than a photo album. In fact he's already started on the layout and it looks fantastic.

Can't wait to get this book finished so we can show you all.

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  1. What did you use for this 2008 book? I publish a book for each kid every year for their birthdays- a look back at the last year….and always use snapfish- but yours looks much nicer than snapfish's versions…..Im about to star Jakes for his birthday and I was wondering what my options are……great idea btw

  2. We used iPhoto to publish the 2008 book – through Mac – but like I said, Blurb.com also has some nice options. And I've seen one of the books you did for Jake. So nice – and such a great keepsake for them when they get older.

  3. margotinto says:

    So where do I send the cheque for an annual subscription??

  4. We'll definitely show you the book next time we're together. You're in it! Right now Junkii is hard at work on converting the Asia Blog into a book – and he's doing a smash-up job. Looks like magazine-quality layout!

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