I've "mastered" another piece for piano. :-p

Truth told, this should really be played a little faster and in a much more carefree way than I plod through it. Still, I manage to hit all (or most) of the notes correctly. I'm not gonna win any competitions, but I guess the main thing is that I enjoy playing.

And one of the pieces I enjoy playing most is this one – "Petites Litanies de Jesus," part of a short song cycle (L'Almanach aux Images) by Gabriel Grovlez. I find this piece charming, even if it's imperfectly played here.

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  1. Excellent….stop beating yourself up R….you did it- so it may not be perfect in your eyes, but its great……you did that…..its a great accomplishment. Be proud of yourself…I sure am! KISS KISS

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I was talking to my colleague at work and he said any time he records himself playing something he's disappointed to hear all his mistakes. I guess it's kind of a universal thing. No matter how good you are, it always sounds better in your head.

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