I stopped doing free-weight workouts a few years ago now. After about 7 years of going to the gym at lunch every day, I got tired of not seeing any dramatic results (and I wasn’t about to start using steroids). I figured group fitness weight classes would suffice to keep me toned.

Well… yes and no.

BodyPump (group fitness) classes are a great way to get an overall weight workout for sure – and I have no intention of quitting. But when you only go once a week – yeah, I’ve been coasting for the better part of a year – you don’t generally get much benefit. But when you're still dreadfully tired of the tedium of weight-lifting, it's hard to make yourself go back.

I don’t know how long it takes to undo the benefit you receive from working out, but I was willing to bet I was on the clock. So I bit the bullet and, last week, I did my first weight routine in years. I kept it simple – just a few upper body exercises on the machines – but you know what? It wasn’t so bad.

Oh sure, I hurt like the dickens for the next few days, but today I was feeling good enough to go back to the gym at lunch. I did a few more upper body exercises on the machines. A simple, 45-minute workout that’s really not that onerous AND that forces me to leave the office for lunch. It’s not altogether a bad thing.

In order to keep this up, I’m going to be realistic though. I don’t like weight-lifting. So I need to realize that I’m never gonna put in enough time at the gym to be one of those bulky boys that are so attractive. This is just gonna be a way to augment my PodyPump class.

Hopefully, with the pressure off, I can keep myself from getting overzealous and ultimately ruining the workout experience or myself. 

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  1. margotinto says:

    The way I kept weights workouts interesting and increased their efficacy is by introducing some kind of instability into it – using an exercise ball or bosu ball as a bench, rather than using a regular bench, or standing on one foot rather than both feet. You get a core workout at the same time, and greatly strengthen your joints, which helps to decrease incidences of injury. I also had trainers at the gym help me to put together sequences that were most beneficial and time effective, and they also helped me to achieve the right posture and movement to have the greatest effect, and to overcome muscle memory that was putting me in lazy, and sometimes dangerous, positions while lifting weights.

  2. I can't afford a trainer, but incorporating a ball into the workout might be a good idea. Truth told, I should really get back to using the ball for an ab routine too. I used to do that on a regular basis. I'm sure my abs are now dwindled to nothing.

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