Without even trying, I have managed to usurp the condo board president and establish myself as the new leader! Yes. I'm just that popular. 🙂

Don't concern yourself with the fact that our president hasn't lived in Ottawa for several years, or that she hasn't attended a meeting in about two years. And don't mind the fact that none of the other condo members really wanted the position. All that matters is that I now hold the power!

First order of business? Invade the neighbouring condo and annex their swimming pool!

All joking aside (the neighbours have no pool) I did actually get elected president of the condo association at our meeting this weekend, but it truly was a default choice. With our president unable to attend, the other members wanted someone in Ottawa to hold the position, just in case we needed the president to take care of anything here in town. And really, I've sort of been acting as president for the past few years anyway – organizing and chairing meetings, keeping that pesky treasurer in line (kidding, Elisha!) – so it was the logical choice.

And I wasn't kidding: none of the other four wanted the job. So it's not a big deal. But I do think maybe we should look at the budget to make sure my first lady has enough money for footwear.

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  1. Congratulations! I'm sure you'll be a fine president. Just remember listen, delegate, follow-up and inform the requirements of a good president.

  2. No abuse of power, then?

  3. Wow! Im related to the Pres! When are you going to unveil your sweeping health care reform?

  4. Heh heh. We already have universal health care at our condo, ensuring no one must suffer needlessly for lack of funds. I grant there are some delays for non-critical cases, but at least it's equitable.No, for my term, I plan to stick with massive embezzlement of funds. A President's gotta eat! 🙂

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