Time once again for our biannual, shop-tastic weekend in Syracuse/Waterloo: a time to blow our hard earned cash on deeply discounted clothing and goods at Waterloo premium Outlets.

On Friday evening we hit the road with two Syracuse virgins. Our friends S&K had never been to the outlet mall, but judging by their credit card bills, they're experts now! Of course, not as expert as Junkii and I. Our next Visa bill is gonna be a kicker! But given the amazing deals we found, it will be worth the extra weeks of tightened purse strings.

When you can save the better part of 70% off trousers and jeans at Banana Republic – something we've both been gagging for after losing 20-30 lbs each – you know you're doing something right. We also managed to get Ralph Lauren bath sheets for $10 ea! We replaced all our towels – which had been getting pretty old and ratty.

We did hit a snag at the border crossing. We were under the mistaken impression that you can bring back one bottle of alcohol each after a 24-hour period. Wrong! It's 48 hours. Let this be a lesson kiddies. The savings only works if you don't get tagged for duty fees. So we wound up paying the same price we would have paid had we bought our bottles at gouge-mart the LCBO. Bunch of rip-off artists!

But we were laughing about the rest of our purchases. We wound up paying tax on our clothing, but even with the added costs, the deals in Waterloo were so good that they far and away offset the added 5%.

Best of all, though, is that we have no need to do any more clothes shopping for months! Although… I could use a new shirt or two. Hmmm. Maybe my folks would like to take a trip in another month or two.

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