Boy, it's easy to get sidetracked from blogging, especially when you're busy at work. Well, I'm still busy, but damnit, the people need their updates!

We were in Toronto for the weekend – and thanks to Lex, Gerry, Margot, and Getalife for entertaining us! Mostly this weekend was just about hanging out in cafes and wandering Toronto looking for yummy food. And of that, we found plenty, packing on a total of about 5lbs a piece between Friday and Monday!

No worries. We'll work it off again.

Aside from all the food-eating and hipster-watching, we did luck into a new pass time in TO. We were lucky enough to be in town during the One of a Kind show. Basically, it's a huge (like, convention-space-huge) collection of craftspeople and artists, gathering together to sell their wares. And there really were some gorgeous things to be had – lovely woodwork, fantastic clothing, artwork and jewelry of course, and even furniture. One craftsman was selling lamps that would be perfect for our home. Unfortunately they were about $600 each.

And therein lies the rub. We couldn't afford any of it. Still, it's nice to know that this event happens twice a year, and that we can get free admission if we ever have the money to spend. Gerry's parents – who run a business making wooden toys – usually display their wares at the show and can get us free passes. Oh sure, we have to help them with tear-down and packing, but small price to pay for access to such a wonderful collection of goods!

We might need to head back for the Christmas show.


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  1. FINALLY! A post from you! Ive been looking for one for a few weeks now… I need pics!

  2. Yeah, I've been crazy-busy at work (and lazy at home), and I've felt totally guilty about not posting. I enjoy blogging and miss it when I don't have the time.

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