I do love cover songs. There’s something about hearing a different version of a familiar tune that really really piques my interest. Maybe it's the different arrangement, I don't know. Whatever the reason, I like them well enough  to have developed my own set of rules around what makes a cover good, bad, or just plain pointless – why cover a song if you’re just gonna make it sound like the original?!

Well, this cover is far from pointless, but whether it’s good or bad might depend on your take on rockabilly. Or maybe not. Personally, I don’t like rockabilly, but I’m making an exception for this cover. This tarted-up version of Rihanna’s Umbrella by The Baseballs just kicks ass and makes me feel like dancin’.

In fact, The Baseballs have released a whole album of songs in this style (think 1950s-era Elvis Presley more than the Stray Cats) – all covers of (more-or-less) current pop hits like Katy Perry’s Hot’n’Cold, and Maroon5’s This Love. But the best cover on the album has got to be Umbrella.

Check it out here, or find their MySpace page for more covers.

The Baseballs

Incidentally, I found this cover through a podcast/website I recently stumbled on called Coverville – a space that specializes in profiling interesting covers. I recommend it!

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