This time of year, the weather can leave you cold – especially on the morning commute before the sun starts to heat things up. And while buds are finally starting to hit the trees, the branches look a bit bare yet. So it’s particularly heart-warming to see that someone has decided to give the season a little nudge.

On my way to work today I spotted three separate instance of yarn-bombing – kind of a knitted graffiti. And while it’s certainly not as large scale as some of the work found in the Yarn Bombing book, the sight of it still made me smile, and appreciate the kind soul who took the time to brighten my day.

Okay, Spring. Take the hint!

(NOTE: Vox is having trouble with photos right now. If you can't see the images, go check them out via my Flickr account.)


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  1. Meei says:

    Cute. and that makes me want to start knitting for chinese new year:) Definitely nicer than fake plastic peonies….

  2. And it makes me want to carry a camera more often.

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