I've become a total teetotaler at work – or at least a "tea"totaler. I like to have my cup of tea in the morning.

When did that happen?! Hot chocolate excepted, I've never been much of a hot-beverage-drinker. I still don't like coffee. But since our last trip to Asia, I've really gotten turned on to tea. It's taken a bit of time – considering we've been back in Ottawa since January, but I'm now all set up to enjoy tea at work:

  • The cup you see in the picture is a clever reproduction of a disposable mug – complete with sippy-cup lid. It's actually made of ceramic (because you can't drink tea out of stainless steel!) and the lid is made of silicone. My friend Krista was kind enough to knit me the nifty sleeve you see – 100% eco-friendly and unique – to protect my hand from the heat. Incidentally, you can order your own sleeve at her Etsy site, if you're interested. (Wow! Two posts in a row that mention knitting. New record for me.)
  • Of course, being a food snob, straightforward tea bags just don't cut it. I need to invovle the whole ceremony of loose leaf tea. So I picked up an enameled cast-iron teapot. The thing is fricken' heavy, but it makes about 2.5 cups of tea – just about the perfect amount to fill my bladder by lunch hour – and it keeps the tea roaring hot.
  • And last, the tea. I've been meaning to stop into the Tea Store to get my own personal favorite, but in the meantime, my friend Gerry was generous enough to provide me with a hefty bag of Hierba Maté – a tea from South America (Argentina in this case) – that I'm enjoying very much.

Oop. I hear the kettle boiling I gotta run.

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  1. margotinto says:

    I got one of those faux-disposable cups for Christmas, and I love it. How nice of Krista to crochet you a cozy. I hate the taste of hot beverages on metal or plastic, so I've resisted using travel mugs in the past, even as hard as I try to be green. And I used to be the same way after trips, coming home from Nepal I only drank tea with lemon; if Timor was my last stop, it was black coffee with a tonne of sugar in it. I wonder why that is.

  2. Krista rocks! (and you're not so bad either). As for the tea, it's so good in Asia. The Chinese tea you get in restaurants in Malaysia is head and shoulders above what we get in restaurants here. There you get tea leaves in your pot. Here… not so much. No wonder it's better there.

  3. I love those cups…..Id have one if I ever commuted….but being that my desk is in my study, my ceramic coffee cup works just great

  4. The only problem I have with mugs is that they don't hold the heat as well. The tea cools off too quickly. So the silicone lid is a big help. Makes for good insulation.

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