Just a follow-up on yesterday's rant…

So the person that arranged the 2pm meeting didn't show up until 3pm. So the meeting got switched to 9:30 this morning. Guess who wasn't in the office?! That's so unprofessional. I don't like meetings. I don't even like having them on my agenda. But if you're gonna book me, at least have the decency to show up!

Of course, it doesn't help that I've got a bit of a cold and would have loved to have just stayed in bed this morning. Yeah, I'm grumpy, but I'm not wrong.

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  1. I have a 10 minute rule…..if the host is 10 minutes late, Im out……I HATE it when people are late to meetings…..HATE IT! You are not wrong……and sorry you are grumpy…..

  2. I'm more grumpy because I have a cold. But I'm home now and it's the weekend – so I'm better. Thanks for your concern 🙂

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