Catching up on The Wire has meant a bit of sacrifice in terms of reading time. Junkii doesn't really have any interest in cop dramas – and generally I can't blame him, either. But despite my assurances that this show is different, I'm still reduced to watching it alone.

Of course, when we're both at home in the evening, we'd rather hang out together, so there's no opportunity for me to watch something solo. I've had to improvise.

I never thought I would use it, but my little iPod Nano's video capability has come in handy. I'm using it to watch an episode every day at lunch hour on the tiny screen – the time I would otherwise spend reading.

The new arrangement isn't so bad. I get to watch a great show  on an admittedly small screen (the resolution is very good and you just hold the screen close to you – I'm watching for the story, not the camera work). But the downside is that my reading list is piling up. I have about 4 books on my night table waiting for me to get cracking – some of which I've borrowed from other people!

At least the show has a limited run, so I can foresee my schedule getting back to normal in a couple of months. Of course, I have a backlog of other shows that I need to get through too…

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