After this past weekend, I have a ton of blog fodder, but it’s all about home improvement. So if you’re not interested, you can ignore me this week. I’ll post a video blog entry later in the week to point out the improvements.

On Saturday and Sunday – yes, it took the full two days – we set about painting the spare room, installing some new hanging light fixtures in the hallway, and painting the ceiling in the main staircase. All these tasks had their downsides, but the end result is a much nicer home. As is my wont, I’m gonna focus on the downside.

Today, let’s get into the issue of painting the ceiling in the main staircase. It’s a job that has needed doing for some time. We had a leaky skylight repaired and had prepped the ceiling with primer a few months ago to cover the water stains, but just never got around to actually painting. The primer was white, so there was no real motivation to go about finishing the task. Yeah, it looked a bit blotchy, but how often were we looking at the ceiling?

I know it sounds lazy, but really it was a pretty daunting task – for a few reasons:

  • Our ceilings upstairs are particularly high. Makes it nice to look at, but tough to reach. A regular step ladder would have been useless.
  • Our ceilings are sloped – which makes it even more difficult to reach the pinnacle.
  • Our staircase is in the way. So, as you would imagine, part of the ceiling rests atop a gaping hole in the floor. The ladder would need to be even taller.
  • And finally, our staircase is cramped and some of our walls are not at 90 degree angles – they have two 45 degree angles to make up the corner (see fig.1 if that description isn’t clear). All this to say that it’s often difficult to position a ladder in a way that doesn’t leave you teetering.

So just getting up high enough to (carefully) paint all the way around the edge of the ceiling before applying the roller was always gonna be a trick, to say the least. But if we had any other ladder than the one we do, I daresay the task would have been near impossible.

The ladder we have is called JAWS – and it’s one of the most versatile ladders you can buy. It’s sturdy (and fricken’ heavy) and it can be a step ladder, an extension ladder (22’), and any number of other scaffolding shapes in between. It took a bit of trial and error, but eventually we were able to come up with the right configuration of length and angle to get the job done. It only took the whole of the afternoon!

The ladder was a housewarming gift from Dad & Louise a few years ago. And, while we’ve used it for other odd jobs, this was the first time that we really put the ladder through its paces. So a big thank you to my folks for the gift. We couldn’t have done it without you!

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  1. no pictures of the finished product?

  2. I think, rather than just take a photo of the ceiling, it will be better if I do a video – but I want to get through a few of the problems we had first. I'll probably post a video on Thursday of Friday and show the whole job.

  3. coolio…..cant wait to see it

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