Having finished painting the ceiling in the main stairwell, it was time to re-mount the light fixtures. But honestly, the light fixtures that came with the place were straight outta 3rd year university – a pair of Cheap@$$, flexible Ikea jobbies that looked terrible and were about as effective as a sock puppet without the hand.

So off we trotted to Home Depot to find ourselves a couple of replacements. We had never had much success with the lighting sections of Home Depot or Rona – both offer a slew mediocrity when it comes to interesting design. But they're cheap, and that's always a consideration for us.

Turns out we needn't have worried. As soon as we popped in the main door, there was a display of chandeliers that we both liked.

(Not sure if it's brand new or what, but I can't find a photo of our new lamps on the Home Depot website – or anywhere else on the net for that matter.

Closest I could find was this image – which is from the same series, but instead of the pendant light shown here, ours are the 3-light and the 5-light chandelier. You'll see them later in the week when I do the video walk-through.)

Armed with our new lamps we headed home to bed. We would mount them on Sunday morning, bright and early.

Now, neither of us is an electrician, but we've done enough wiring in this house to know how to wire a light fixture. So when I tell you the task took more than two hours, you need to see it as a reflection of just how difficult a space this is to work in. I explained it yesterday, so I'm not gonna go into it again, but suffice it to say that, while it was hard to get to the edge of the ceiling to do the painting, it was ten times as hard to get to the centre of the ceiling to hang the chandelier!

Not only was it tricky to balance the ladder in this particular location, but the ceiling is high enough that the person on the floor couldn't reach high enough to hold the lamp while the person mounting it tried to juggle all the pieces and get it installed. One of the new chandeliers had slightly easier access, so we were able to work out our approach to the installation there first, but that didn't make the second installation run any more smoothly.

We managed in the end though, and the lights not only look lovely, but with a combined 800 watts of light they sure light up the stairwell!

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