Post number three – and coincidentally, the same number of days it took us to finish this job!

When we started in on Saturday, neither of us really knew what we were in for. Aside from the stuff that happened in the main stairwell, the bulk of our task was to re-paint the spare bedroom. That room is deceptively large – much bigger than it looks. In fact, with the loft, it's really a room and a half – plus the area behind the loft-ladder, which is another closet to paint. All of which contributed to the three-day tally.

Day 1: Saturday

Saturday involved removing all the furniture, blinds, socket covers, and of course, the ladder to the loft. And while I worked on re-painting the hallway, Junkii painted the baseboards and window/door frames in the spare room.

Day 2: Sunday
We discovered that stippled ceilings are the work of the devil. Not only does the stippling make it hard to cut-in with a paint brush, but the ceiling really soaks the paint up from the roller. We barely had enough paint to cover the whole thing. And what's worse is that the stippling, once it got wet with paint, started to peel away in places, coating the roller. Pain. in. the. ass. I asked the guy at the paint store about it and he had never heard of this happening, but he said possibly the previous paint had been an oil-based one and was reacting with the latex/acrylic ceiling paint. But he seemed uncertain enough that we thought we would try again. But that would wait until Monday.

On to the walls, we went with two tones of grey for this room – a medium grey for most of the room, and a dark grey for the biggest wall. Going with two tones also turned out to be substantially more work for us  because, with two coats for each colour (needed to cover the godawful baby-poo green the previous owners had chosen), we needed to clean a lot of brushes and rollers in between coats. Thank goodness for water-based paint! It took us from about 10:30am until 4pm to get most of the painting done, but we had to take a break at that point to entertain my parents and my grandmother for dinner. We had a lovely evening, but once they left, it was back to work and we didn't get the walls finished and our job-site cleaned up until near midnight.

Day 3: Monday
After work on Monday, I grabbed the car and headed over to home depot to pick up another gallon of ceiling paint. The splotchy work I did on Sunday needed to be fixed and it was time to see if I could get an even covering without pulling more stippling down. I used a roller with a thicker nap this time and it seemed to make a difference. I was very systematic and managed to get a coat that I was happy with. After that, Junkii took a little time to touch up the rest of the room – spots here and there that didn't get covered, or that got hit with a dab of the wrong colour. And hey ho presto, we were done with the painting! …But not with the work.

We still had to re-attach the ladder, install the cover plates, mount the blinds, climb around on the ladder to wipe down hand prints on the stairwell walls, put away the furniture, and re-connect Junkii's computer. In the end, it was midnight again before we got finished. That's a lot of work for a bit of painting.

The painting next task – which is not going to happen anytime soon – will be to repaint the rest of the house. The walls in the stairwell and all throughout the main floor and bottom floor are all one colour. So when we decide to do that job it's gonne require gallons and gallons of paint – plus a week off from work. But for now, we just need to distance ourselves from this project. If we're ever gonna tackle the rest of the house, we're gonna need to forget how much we hate painting.

Next: a video of the finished product.

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