Prince Edward County is kind of a niche market for gastronomes. It has a vibrant food culture, featuring a slew of wineries, a cider mill, a couple of micro-breweries, two cheese shops (one for cow’s milk cheese, and one for goat’s milk), and a host of other food-makers specializing in chocolate, preserves, liquorice, and what have you. Add to that a host of great restaurants, and some of the most spectacular views of Lake Ontario, and you can see why this little corner of the province is a food lover’s paradise.

It certainly holds a very special place in our hearts. Junkii and I have now visited four times in our nine years together. It’s clearly a spot we like to get back to on a regular basis, and this past weekend we did just that.

This time, we took Mom and George with us, and set ourselves a task of exploring some of the finer wines the county has to offer. We’ve never done that before; never taken a wine tour. Until this weekend, we had only ever been to one winery – Huff estates – mainly because we stayed at the inn there. But they had good wine and it’s made us want to explore. Plus it’s good practice for when we’re ready to do Napa or Tuscany.

Of course, those regions are more expensive, and we’re likely to have to stick with PEC and Niagara for now. So it has been a pleasant surprise to find out that, actually, Ontario wines don’t suck!

That’s a sentence you wouldn’t have heard me saying a few years ago. But then again, you also wouldn’t have heard me ask for a glass of white. All of that seems to have changed. We’re both starting to find whites that we like – which is great for the fast-approaching warm weather – and it's really the Chardonnays and Rieslings that Ontario is known for. There are some nice reds too, but whites are certainly easier to find.

On this visit, we managed to sample the wares at about six wineries between Sunday afternoon and Monday morning. We wound up spending a hefty sum on about a dozen bottles. Yes, some were pricier than we normally would have spent on wine, but the extra funds go to supporting the local wine industry – something we’re happy to do if they continue to produce product like we tasted this weekend.

Most of the photos here were taken during our wine tourism, but we also spent time at cheese shops, restaurants, and the cider mill. We even found an ideal location for our wedding, if we ever decide to get married. You can see all the photos at our Flickr account, but here are a few that really turned out well.

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  1. Looks like you guys had a blast! Loved the pictures…and cant wait for the wedding…I assume Jake and Josh will be ring bearers?

  2. Good idea. Not sure if the place we found does weddings, but they have a great property for it. And if we keep our wedding to a middle-sized group, there shouldn't be too much trouble finding accommodation in Picton – or at worst, in Kingston.Anyway, that's a ways off yet.

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